Looking for more? Below are a variety of additional materials such as presentations that dive deeper into specific subjects in the book.


A Theory of Fun (AGC 2003 keynote)
The original presentation in PDF format.

A Grammar of Gameplay
The GDC 2005 design presentation on game design atoms.

Why Games Matter
The Training Fall 2005 keynote.

A Theory of Fun: 10 Years Later
It has been ten years since the original talk that spawned the book! To celebrate, the GDC Online conference asked the author to present a new talk revisiting the material in the book given ten years' worth of new research and thinking.

Raph's Website
The author's website, featuring numerous articles on game design, online communities, literary criticism, and much more.

Blog posts related to the book on Raph's Website
Numerous articles have been written over the years adding depth and detail to various issues discussed within the book.

Publishers of A Theory of Fun for Game Design.

Gamasutra excerpt
An excerpt covering all of chapter 5 from the book.